Academic Affairs

The University of North Texas èƵ Office of Academic Affairs serves as the central administrative body overseeing academic matters across the enterprise. Its primary roles and responsibilities include coordinating and implementing system-wide academic policies, standards, and initiatives and collaborating with individual campuses to ensure consistency in curriculum development, accreditation processes, and adherence to system-wide academic regulations and strategic goals.

In addition, the Office of Academic Affairs provides “concierge” level executive administration support to campus and system leadership to proactively address statutory, accreditation, and regulatory issues to ensure timely review and approval of programs and proposals. The OAA facilitates the sharing and coordinating of best practices in student success and academic support across the system and supports and advises the Chief Strategy Officer, Chancellor, the Board of Regents, and other èƵ èƵ leadership on developing a long-term academic strategic plan suitable to the demands and changing expectations of the 21st century. The OAA is responsible for ensuring that the èƵ èƵ is aligned with the statewide strategic plan and can be a leader in executing new programs, initiatives, and in securing future funding opportunities.