Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel represents the University of North Texas èƵ, including its Board of Regents and its Universities, in all legal matters.

The èƵ èƵ OGC is committed to excellence. We work collaboratively to render advice in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Through our legal services we assist our clients in fulfilling their mission and achieving their goals.


èƵ Administration Compliance & Ethics Program

The èƵ èƵ Administration Compliance & Ethics Program is independently responsible for promoting practices designed to prevent and detect violations of federal and state law, èƵ èƵ Regents Rules, èƵ Regulations, and èƵ Administration policies; and preventing retaliation against individuals who make good faith reports of suspected wrongdoing.


Public Information Program

The èƵ èƵ Public Information Program is responsible for responding to requests for public information for all components of the èƵ èƵ and for compliance with the  (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552). The èƵ èƵ is committed to responding timely to all requests for public information.