Regulations and Policies

Welcome to the èƵ èƵ policy home page. This page contains the èƵ Regulations that govern the entire èƵ èƵ and the policies that apply solely to the èƵ èƵ Administration.  In addition, this page contains links to the èƵ èƵ Regents Rules, policies for the campuses in the èƵ èƵ, an overview of the èƵ èƵ regulation and èƵ èƵ Administration policy processes, and links to tools to assist in drafting regulations and policies.

For questions regarding the èƵ regulation and èƵ Administration policies and processes, please contact the Policy Manager at policy@untsystem.edu.

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Official Guidelines

èƵ Regulations

to access all èƵ Regulations.  Documents are searchable by keywords, titles and reference numbers.  Links to campus policies are below.

Campus Policies

Regents Rules
University of North Texas èƵ Regents Rules are available on the Board of Regents website.

Policy Hierarchy Chart

  Applicability Managed By
Regents Rules All èƵS components Office of General Counsel
Regulations All èƵS components èƵ Administration Policy Manager
Policies Specified èƵS component Institutional Policy Offices